August 25, 2014

Birthday Party Review

The pool party was Saturday.  One of my friends had bought the girls a bubble machine as an early gift so that I could use it at the party.  It was really cool.  I set it up in the driveway so when the guests arrived they walked through the bubbles.

I way overbought on food.  I estimated 2 hot dogs per person plus a little extra for the guys that usually have big appetites.  I made 72 hot dogs in my crock pot and had about 45 left over.  The party was from 2 - 5pm so I think a lot of people just didn't eat very much since it was between meals.  I also had 4 bags of chips left over and 2 containers of chip dip.  I think people would have eaten more of these but I only put 2 bags out to start and didn't realize when they ran out.  My mom said people were asking if we had more chips and she told them we didn't.  She didn't realize I had 4 more bags in a box under the table.

Probably could have saved about $10 on food by not buying so much.  We kept a lot as left overs but there was so much that Mr. R took the crock pot with half the leftover hot dogs, buns and 2 bags of chips to work for the people that he works midnights with.  He didn't work that night but just dropped it off around 9 pm for them.

This was one of the easiest parties I've thrown for the girls.  I kept the menu simple and the kids had a great time swimming.  The girls got lots of gifts and they each have $40 in cash.  I'm trying to think of something really fun to do with the $80.  I don't want to let them waste it on more toys because we really have too many toys in our house.  Thinking of using the money for a day trip to the Columbus Zoo or COSI when Mr. R has his next weekend off.

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