July 22, 2014

3 hour job interview

So I had a job interview yesterday.  I was there for 3 hours!  The interview was at 10 am.  The company has a store, as well as sells products through print catalogs and online.  So I got there 1/2 hour early and checked out the store.  Then I headed up to the corporate offices.

I talked with the person that is doing the hiring for 2 hours.  I couldn't tell if she liked me or not.  I'm horrible at interviews and since this is only my second interview in 11 years, I feel like I stumbled over my words a lot.  She asked a lot of hard questions that I hadn't anticipated.  If I don't get this job it definitely helped prepare me for my next interview.

Then at noon, the interview was over but she wanted me to take two tests.  One was a personality test and the other was a timed test with math and grammar type questions.  I got out of there at 12:50 and had to rush to work since I had to work a half day.

I sent a follow up thank you email and she responded with a follow up thank you email to me and that they will let me know once a decision is made.

This job would be perfect for me.  It's exactly what I want to be doing and I think that it will open up some more opportunities.  The company I work at now, I'm pretty much as far as I will ever go.

Crossing my fingers and hoping I hear something soon.


  1. That's a very long interview. I hope you get it!!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed. 3hrs is indeed quite excessive, in my opinion. Mine was about an hour, tops. Sending you lots of good luck.

  3. I don't think she would have you take those tests if she was not interested?