June 27, 2014

Friday Financials

Unexciting - not pay day :(

  • Doing really well on the grocery budget.  Still have $84 for the next 7 days and that's after Mr. R ran to the store for milk, flour tortillas and chips today.  Still have lots of fruit but will need to get more vegetables for my salad bowl. 
    • Here's how we are doing on using up what we have in the freezer:
      • Frozen Sloppy Joe meat - Gone
      • Dinner Rolls - Gone
      • 1 Bag of Frozen Shredded Chicken used today for dinner
      • 1 Bag of chicken stock used today
      • 1 bag of frozen strawberries used for smoothies
    • Still need to use: 
      • 2 packs of pork chops
      • 1 bag of black beans
      • pizza dough for 1 pizza
      • 1 bag frozen shredded chicken
      • lots of chicken stock
      • 1 bag frozen strawberries
      • 2 lbs. 90% lean ground beef
    • Plenty of food left to work with for the next week.
  • Paid $65 to renew Mr. R's nursing license and $20 for his program to earn education credits.
  • Spent $20 on a groupon for a Valvoline Oil Change.  It's only a couple minutes from our house and Mr. R's car is about due for one anyways.
  • We only have $40 left of our "extra misc" money which needs to last 7 more days. I think we can, I think we can...

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