May 14, 2014

Spending Break So Far

  1. Average Grocery Spending - $90/week. I probably won't make this goal but for a good reason.  I've been trying to keep plenty of fresh produce in the house and I've been spending more than usual on it.  Fruit is so good this time of year and the girls and I are eating plenty of it.  But I did stick to my grocery list when I went to the store over the weekend. Spent $97.
  2. Extra Misc. Spending $250 for the full 4 weeks.  We've only spent $67 so far.  Not sure on what, a mixture of birthday gifts and Mother's Day gifts probably.
  3. Personal Spending: No clothes, make up, etc, just because I find a good deal.  No food or drink purchases at work.  I get $100 every 2 weeks for spending money.  I'd like to save as much of my spending money as I can. So far I haven't even taking my spending money out of the bank yet.  I had $10 left over from the previous 2 weeks that I just gave Mr. R today to pay him back for some alcohol that he bought to make a pitcher of Summer brew.  The cafe at my work closed so if I don't have change for the vending machine, I have no way of buying food at work. It's forcing me to plan a little more or go hungry.  Which is probably better since I don't really need to be eating vending machine food.

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