May 5, 2014

Money Monday!

Since I totally missed Financial Friday last week.  Here's what's been going on financially:

  • Booked indoor water park package with gifted money.  Total with tax was $206 - $25 coupon code = $184! And since I went through ebates, we'll get $12.34 cash back. For $184 our family of 4 plus 1 friend are going to stay over night in a suite, dinner of pizza, pasta, dessert and pop is included and so is a breakfast buffet.  We go in less than two weeks, I'm so excited!
  • Took Dinner to a friend.  I have a friend that is very very sick.  She only gets to leave her house once a week to go to the doctor's and she has to be moved by ambulance to get there.  Her family can't afford a wheel chair capable van and she isn't able to ride in the car they do have so she never gets to leave the house.  She is only in her mid thirties and will probably never walk again.  Most doctor's have told her basically that her health is so poor that she will probably die soon and some doctor's have refused to treat her because her medical issues are so complex, they feel that she'll die anyways.  We took dinner from Bob Evans over to her house on Sunday.  I always take a lot of food over so they will have leftovers since I know the medical bills are really hurting them financially.  I found a $20% off coupon code for ordering online and spent $49 on dinner.  Then my friend was saying how much she would like to see Frozen.  I decided to order the movie and have it shipped to her house as a surprise.  With my target red card, it was only a little over $15 with free shipping and I used ebates so I'll get some cash back.
  • Our tenants paid their rent check.  The water bill this month for the rental condo was $74!! Ouch.  Ours is always around $50.  They must have been doing a lot of laundry.
  • Mr. R had an eye exam and bought glasses, paid for with "found money". He spent $240 at the eye doctor.  I recently realized that I saved $250 to pay the condo insurance on our condo.  But when we refinanced last year, they added the insurance payment into our mortgage payments so I don't need to pay it separately.  That $250 will pay for Mr. R's doctor appt and new glasses.


  1. You are the sweetest thing ever! I love that you did that for your friend.
    And the poor woman, that must be so hard.
    I have always heard that our first form of wealth is our health.

  2. Your poor friend. That would be terrible. Good for you for using your money to brighten her day ;)