April 12, 2014

Friday Financials

Yesterday was payday which is always exciting.  Some how our credit card balance was creeping up again.  Every time we use it, I try to set the money side to pay it off right away but with 2 people using it, sometimes I miss things.  So instead of putting any extra money into savings this pay day, I put all the extra money to pay the credit card off.

Mr. R picked up a short 3 hour shift and then had to stay late one day to help out so his pay check should be pretty nice next pay day.

We are checking into get the back sliding door replaced.  I want french doors. The sliding door is old, doesn't open and close real easily and there's always a draft because it doesn't close tight.  This is something we've talked about replacing for years.  It's time.  Hopefully its not super expensive.

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