March 9, 2014

The Grocery Budget Exploded for Meat Week

Acme had some great sales on Meat this week.  I debated just ignoring them to stick to my grocery budget or stocking up while everything is on sale.  I chose to stock up as much as my little freezer would allow!

  • Pork Shoulder Roast $1.69/lb. I bought 2 totaling $17.24. One will be used for Pork and Sauerkraut, the other will be used for pulled pork sandwiches. 
  • 3 lb bags of Frozen Chicken Breasts - Bogo.  I bought 2.  They came out to $4.99 each.  Aldi sells there's for $6.49 and we go through about a bag per week.  This is when I wish I had an extra freezer to buy even more.
  • Turkey Sausage - $2.24 each, I bought 2
  • Ground Turkey - $2.50 (I bought 1, apparently the second one was the wrong kind and rang up at $3.99.  I just realized this but I've already frozen it.  That makes me so mad.  I watched really carefully too but I missed that one.)
  • I also got a rain check for whole bone-in turkey breast for $1.59/lb.  Not sure if that's a great deal or not.  I bought 1 last time they were on sale and Mr. R really liked it so I figure I'll get 2 more.
I bought some other things that were on sale too.  My total came to $75.53 (which included an $11 bag of cat food).  Mr. R. stopped and picked up a couple more things (that I had coupons for and weren't such a great deal but does he listen to me?!), he spent $6.47.  Right now we are $9 over grocery budget.  My goal is to only spend another $41 or less on groceries for the rest of the week. We'll need produce, bread and some other basics.  

Then instead of giving myself $200 for groceries out of each paycheck for the next two paychecks, I'll only spend $175.  We should have plenty of meat to last a month.  I also still have frozen ham, smoked turkey and taco beans to make meals with.

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