March 28, 2014

Pay Day and A Day Off! Updated**

**After I posted this, I found some more money I had set aside for savings out of this pay.  I just forgot to count it in our savings total!!!

I took today off to take the girls to the zoo since Big R is on Spring Break.  Too bad the weather isn't agreeing with my plan.  So we are off to the Cleveland Children's Museum.  I'm excited to get out a do something fun as a family.  On the weekends I'm so tired and have errands, cleaning and cooking that keep me busy.  I never seem to want to plan any day trips any more.  But since I took the day off from work, I feel motivated to get out a do something!

On to the Money:

  • Summer Day Care registration fee: Instead of paying $50, I only need to pay $5 to register the girls for summer day care.  I already paid $45 when I registered Little R for the fall and they said to add Laine this summer I just needed to pay the $5 difference
  • Gas Budget: We had $3 left that will be moved to savings
  • Total Added to Savings: $220
    • Added $24 to EF bringing 2014 total to $1267
    • Added $22 to Vacation Fund, total $1265
    • Added $22 to Car Fund, total $1265
    • 2014 Total Savings $3797, only $8203 left to save!
  • Student Loan: Paid $120, only owe a little over $200!
  • Added $20 to each of the girls Savings accounts
I set an extra $40 aside for the musuem today.  It should only cost $32 for the 4 of us to get in.  I found bogo coupons online so hopefully we will only spend $16.  I'm just not sure if they'll accept them because of the way the coupons are worded. I think they are for members of a fun club.  But it doesn't really explain or say you have to be a member so we'll see.  Any extra money not spent today will be moved to savings.


  1. Woot, so exciting to see the loans be so low! Oh, temptation. Mine will be at 1500, and I'm so tempted to just pay it off and recoup the money by May, which is when they were supposed to be paid off.

  2. Finding extra money is always nice :)