March 14, 2014

Friday Financials

  • Used my Acme fuel rewards card to get gas.  Had a little over $4.00 on it. Then put another $25 in the van. That's all I spent on gas for the past 2 weeks for my van!  Mr. R didn't get gas this last pay period so we have $70 left in the gas budget that will move over to our savings account!
  • When we bought tickets for Shrek, I purchased one for my mom and step dad.  They forgot to pay me back for them and instead of asking them, I've decided I will just give them their tickets as gifts.  I can check Mother's Day and my Step dad's birthday off my list of gifts that I need to purchase.   Total for their tickets = $52.50 (paid for out of our extra spending money).
  • Total Added to Savings this Pay: $265
2014 $12,000 Savings Challenge Totals so Far:
  • $1192 Car Fund
  • $1192 Vacation Fund
  • $1193 Emergency Fund
  • Total: $3577, Still need to save $8423!
Grocery Budget Money for this Pay Period: $175
"Extra" Spending Money for Whatever Comes Up this pay period: $125 
(I figure breaking these down by pay check will be easier for me to keep track of them)

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  1. Hey you got some present buying out of the way which is awesome!
    Have a great weekend!!!