February 13, 2014

vacation planning - so many decisions

Mr R and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in October.  I have a list of trips I would love to take with him including Key West, Las Vegas, the Poconos or another cruise.  I really want to do something great since its our 10 year anniversary and its been a few years since we've taken a real vacation with just the two of us.  In fact,  I think it was back in 2009.

2 Factors that are limiting us: Money and Vacation Time (No biggie right?!)

Mr. R is out of vacation time.  He should have 2 personal days but on our last vacation they messed up his scheduled time off and they gave him the choice of not being paid for 12 hours or using a personal day.  He chose the personal day.  His work will give him the time off if he requests it, it will just be unpaid.  But I'm sure he'll have plenty of opportunities to pick up a couple shifts to make up any loss of income from requesting time off for a trip.

I'm really would love to do a cruise because the cost of airfare and hotel stay for a 3 night 4 day trip to either Las Vegas or Key West is more expensive than a 5 night cruise.

I've always wanted to stay at a specific resort in the Poconos.  It has 7 foot tall champagne glass Jacuzzi in the room and a swimming pool in the room.  The rates are all inclusive and a lot of time they have bigger name comedians or entertainment but for the room I want it would cost over $1000 for 2 nights and the reviews are hit or miss.  Some are great and some are horrible so I don't feel confident dropping that kind of money for 2 nights.

I was really excited because I thought I found 2 great cruise deals but both the ports are 7 1/2 hours away and with the cruises being 5 nights, Mr. R would need to take 7 nights off and I think that's just asking a bit too much.

I'm getting frustrated trying to figure this out.  I know I have plenty of time.  But still. 

If all else fails there's an inn/winery a few hours a way and they offer transportation to local wineries for a wine tasting tour.  This would be our cheapest option and require the least amount of time off but I really wanted to take a trip and not just a small weekend away.


  1. Ah, the old Coven Haven on the shores of Lake Wallenpaupack. I lived for 14 years about 15 miles away from there.
    That's a long way to go for you for only 2 nights, plus a load of cash. What airport would you fly into?
    The swimming pools in the room are the size of a hot tub and personally, knowing what people do in them, I'd only want one if they drained it and cleaned it after each guest checked out. lolz
    Email me privately if you want to know more about this area of PA and the type of folks that go there.

    1. If we ever went there we would drive. I think its 7 or 8 hours, its been a while since I've checked. I know I'd probably have a panic attack once I got there and really thought about it. But when I was 17 or 18 I worked in a photo studio and I developed photos of someone's that stayed there and they took pictures of the giant Jacuzzi. I thought it was really cool looking. It's always been on my bucket list of somewhere I wanted to go. Although that was pre-ocd so not sure if I could actually handle it now. I've almost booked a weekend there a couple times when they had a big comedian I wanted to see performing there but I just can't seem to get past the final price tag and go through with it.