February 12, 2014

Sharing My Walgreen's Love

One of the ways we save money is to always be on the look out for great deals on things we know we will need anyways.  I almost never go into a store without checking out their clearance section.  I always try to think a few months in advance as to what I will need to purchase for gifts or holidays.  The hard part is not over buying when I find a great deal.

I ran to Walgreen's at lunch today.  I didn't need anything but I hadn't checked out there clearance in a while and I just didn't feel like staying in today.  Well... I hit the Candy Clearance Jackpot!

It was really random which candies were marked down and which weren't.  And actually none of them rang up at the clearance price but the cashier was really cool and took my word for it.  I even ran back and priced checked one kind because I couldn't remember how much it was and it definitely had a clearance tag on it.  Most of it is being saved for the girls' Easter baskets.  Plus I took a bag of the chocolate caramels to work to share with my co-workers and a bag of the mint m&m's went to one of my friends who is thoughtful enough to keep a candy dish on her desk that I raid a couple times a week.
I found all of this on Clearance at Walgreens and only spent $9.33.
This will be put away for Easter Baskets.
Here's what I'm putting aside for the girl's Easter baskets:

Big R.:
  • Monster High 3D Nails - $1.57
  • Monster University Notebook - $.49
  • Hawaiin Punch Jelly Beans - $.79
  • Giant Peanut Butter Cup - $.49
  • Mint M & Ms $.89
  • Hershey's chocolate caramels - $1.09
Little R:
  • Angry Birds Kids' Toothpaste - $.84
  • Cherry Bites - $.69
  • Hawaiin Punch Jelly Beans - $.79
  • Giant Peanut Butter Cup - $.49
  • Hershey's chocolate caramels - $1.09
I'll add these to the books that I originally bought for valentine's day but then decided to hold onto for Easter.  Unless I find anything else really cool, really cheap.  I think I'm about done with their Easter baskets.  And even with the books plus what I bought today, I've only spent a little over
$8 for each daughter.


  1. Clearance candies BEFORE Valentine's and Easter??
    Crazy good!!
    I use to have to use clearance Xmas candies at Easter. lolz

  2. I would totally eat all of that way, way before Easter. I have no self control so I don't buy that stuff till I need it.