February 10, 2014

Life is about Experiences

Shrek the Musical is at a local theatre in May.  I'm really excited I was able to get front row center seats for our family, mom, step dad and sister.  I really, really love this musical.  The cost for the tickets for our family of 4: $99.50  (This is what our family fun money from our tax return is paying for.)  And I didn't pay any more for such great seats.  I've been checking every day for the tickets to go on sale and must have been one of the first to purchase.

Then, Big R's school sent home a flyer for Beauty and the Beast at the high school.  The tickets are $10 each if purchased in advance and their is a cookies with the characters before one of the plays that is another $7 each person.

A couple years ago they did this for Peter Pan only instead of cookies they fed us lunch.  It was really fun for the kids.  They had Wendy read a short story to the kids and then the kids could get pictures with the cast.  The cast served the meals as well and came around and signed autographs.

I thought about going to Beauty and the Beast but since I knew were already going to Shrek, I decided not to buy tickets for it. (Even though Big R told me she could help pay for the tickets with her dollar that she got for her good report card.) So sweet!

But the next day, Big R's best friend's mom asked if we wanted to all go together to the cookies with the cast and the show.  I hesitated for about 2 seconds and then thought, why not?  So I told her that we would go.  It will cost our family: $68 but it'll be a fun family outing with some friends.

When we are invited to do anything, I try to always say yes.  It's not the most frugal way but I believe that life really is about enjoy ourselves and getting to experience as much as we can.  I just remind myself that instances like this are why I try so hard to save money on the boring bills and finding good grocery deals.  So we are able to afford to do the fun stuff too.  It makes all the time and effort worth it.

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