January 6, 2014

It's Cold... I'm hibernating

It's cold.  Really, Really cold.  Our city called of school last night until Wednesday because its so cold.  I worked today, decided to take tomorrow off to stay home with the girls.  I could have found a babysitter but how many times can I use a snow day as an excuse to miss work?  Like only once or twice a year. Might as well take advantage when I can, right? I should spend the evening doing stuff around the house, eating healthy and working out to lose this stupid weight that won't come off and probably never will, not to mention in less than two weeks for our vacation.

Instead, I picked up a 6 pack of Bud Light Platinum at the drive thru on my way home from work.  It was so cold I couldn't even open the window to talk to the drive thru guy, I had to open my door since the window was frozen shut.
I am eating sweet pickles and chocolate for dinner.   Seriously, I think I might be pregnant.  I hate sweet pickles.  But last night at Aldi I saw them and just had to have them and now can't quit eating them. Luckily I have a wonderful, responsible husband who fed our girls a healthy, nutritious dinner before I even got home from work.

Tonight is lazy, hibernating night.  Planning on sipping on some beer, playing some great board games like Disney Princess Candy Land and Wheels on the Bus. Then getting some rest.  Tomorrow is productive hibernating Tuesday, I promise myself I will work out, post more toys on ebay, do some work I brought home, clean and basically be really productive to make up for my lazy hibernating night.

Just in case you were wondering: So obviously I'm definitely not pregnant or I wouldn't be pairing my sweet pickles and chocolate with beer.  Just saying, not sure why I would crave something I used to hate.  I never even craved pickles when I was pregnant.

I also have plenty of vacation and personal time. So really, no harm in taking a snow day.

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