January 5, 2014

donations, ebaying, grocery shopping and pizza

I spent all day cleaning and organizing.  Not that you would know it by looking at my house now. But I filled a container with toys that the girls don't use or have grown out of and starting listing some on ebay.  I also listed Little R's spring/summer clothes from last year.  Probably a bit early yet, but who knows.

I put 15 items in a bag for Mr. R to drop off at the thrift store.  Mostly clothes and some books.  This is part of what I will be donating.  My goal for this year was to donate or sell 365 items.  So only 350 left to go.

Went to Aldi for groceries.  I was starving and over bought a bit.  It was crazy busy and they were out of a lot of stuff.  I kept having to go back and forth to try to find substitutes for things on my list when I realized they were out of what I needed.  I spent $97.  I got a late start to Aldi, so instead of making my own pizza dough, I bought a pack of 2 pizza crusts with sauce for $3.49!  I really wanted to just put it back.  I can make it so much cheaper, but I just didn't have time.  I have $283 left in the grocery budget for January.  

I made an awesome Mexican pizza with the refried beans I made in the crock pot last week.  I added a layer of salsa, jalapenos, and 2 cups Mexican cheese blend. Baked it until the cheese was melty and starting to brown.  We topped it with sour cream.  Even the girls liked it (only I didn't put jalapenos on their half).  The second pizza was topped with pizza sauce, leftover ham and 2 cups of mozzarella cheese. The girls both ate a piece of this pizza too.  I was really impressed with how well they came out.
Mexican Pizza

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  1. Your day sounds like mine yesterday. :-) I too need to get back to the ebaying. My very last transaction was right before we moved & I had it insured (it was an expensive necklace). Buyer claimed they never got it, & I somehow lost my receipt amongst all of the moving/packing. I had to fully refund the buyer, which was super sad. It turned me off, so I'll have to rally myself to start again.

    I made a very similar pizza a couple of weeks ago & loved it!