December 13, 2013

Things I wish I had figured out sooner in life and hope to teach my girls:

These are in no particular order.  Just wrote them as they came to me.
  1. Don't care about being excepted or what other people think - most of the jerks in school that make fun of other kids turn out to be losers in their adult life.  Don't care what they think because you can laugh at them later when it really matters.
  2. Again, Don't care what other's think.  Do what makes you happy and enjoy life.  
  3. Don't be shy.  You'll miss out on so many opportunities.
  4. Stay away from Bad Boys: Bad Boys usually make Bad Men.  Don't get tied down with some loser you have to take care of in the future.  (This didn't happen to me but I've seen it happen to too many others.)
  5. Be independent and take care of yourself.  Then when you find the right man and get married and he takes care of you, its even better.  Because you know he's doing it out of love, not because he has too.  And take care of him right back.  If you remember to try to make each other happy, life is a lot easier.
  6. Don't settle.  You deserve more.
  7. Education Matters: Try your hardest and then go to college or some type of advanced education program after high school.  
  8. Figure out what makes you happy and find a way to make money doing it. You'll work most of your life.  Might as well enjoy it.
  9. Enjoy Life and Travel Lots, Experience all you can.  
  10. Don't get so focused on your goals that you miss out on all the fun of getting their.

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  1. Well said! I couldn't agree more.

    Happy Birthday! Have a fabulous day!!!