December 12, 2013

Fun, Free Workout to do with the kids

I've been in a work out rut. I have a stationary bike that I had been riding up to 2 hours per night, but it didn't seem to help me lose any extra weight.  So I got frustrated and haven't been riding.

Lately, when Mr. R works, the girls and I have been having dance parties.  I found this site, She Knows Entertainment, that lists 10 kid friendly dance songs.  I play each song and then minimize the screen.  If I don't close down the screen the girls won't dance, they'll just watch the video.  Then today at the same site I found this list of 10 pop songs for kids that don't involve sex, drugs or Lady Gaga.

The girls and I have been having fun working up a sweat and dancing around the house.  Sometimes we make a game where we each take turns making up a move and everyone has to follow along.  Or we take turns leading the conga line around the living room and kitchen.

It's a free work out and it gets a moving around instead of sitting in front of the tv - or computer - all night.

I told Mr. Ripple's he needed to make a cd of up beat songs that the girls and I can use for our dance parties.  He's the music master.  It's quite an addiction to him.  So he'll probably be able to make us a few cd's to rotate through.

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