December 5, 2013

December Grocery Shopping Challenge and what to do with lots of lettuce

My goal from Dec.6 - January 2nd is to only spend $400 on groceries.  That's $100 per week.  We really need to save as much money as we can towards our vacation next month.  Mr. Ripples did the shopping today since we won't be able to tomorrow night.  He spent $59 which was Great! That leaves us with $40 left for the week.

But, he misunderstood one item on the list.  Instead of the Artisan lettuce that comes in a plastic container with 4 heads of lettuce in it (I tried to be thorough in my explanation) he bought 4 heads of iceberg lettuce.  I love salads but don't know if we can go through four heads of lettuce.

Any ideas or easy recipes that use lettuce without having to buy a lot of additional ingredients?  I eat it for lunches and I'm thinking of doing a taco salad night.  I have everything except salsa.  Any other suggestions? 

We have bacon, maybe a bacon, lettuce and cheese sandwich night?  No one will eat tomatoes except me for BLTs.


  1. Tacos, have you tried them in lettuce wraps instead of tortillas? They're very delicious, super healthy and actually sort of fun to eat with a piece of bread. You can also use it as wraps for sandwiches (in place of bread or tortillas), and they're particularly good as a snack of cheese and ham in a lettuce wrap.

  2. Yikes - that's a lot of lettuce. ;-) Do you have produce bags for storing it? That really helps keep it fresh longer. I like the taco salad idea, as well as maybe a chef salad for dinner another night?