December 21, 2013

December Grocery Challenge Update

So for the month of December my goal is to only spend $400 on groceries.  This $400 has to last us until pay day on January 3rd.  I spent $37.88 today at Acme. I bought milk, lots of apples, veggies for salad and pop.  We should have enough pop to last us until January 3rd payday.  I plan on stopping at Aldi later in the weekend or maybe on Monday.  So far I've spent $241 this month.


  1. Very nice! We spend way too much on pop.

  2. You are doing terrific. I no longer drink soda. I just wish I could get DH to stop drinking it.

    1. I've tried to quit. I had no problem when I was pregnant. I drank lots of water and tea since I didn't want to drink Diet pop when I was pregnant. But since I no longer have that motivation I can't seem to make myself not drink it. Mr. R drinks too too much. I've tried buying lots of pop when I find a good deal and its like the more that's in the house, the more he drinks it. Oh, well.