December 8, 2013

Acme Grocery Shopping

I love how I can go through the Acme ad online, click on what I want to buy and it makes a list for me.  Then I just email it to myself and when I get to the store, I just open the email on my phone. 

I plan on running to Acme on my lunch tomorrow, but I only have $40 left for this week for groceries so I need to stick to my list.

Food Club Salad Dressing: $1.50 (low fat ranch)
2 dt. rootbeer 2ltrs - 88 cents each
croutons - $1.25
FF Cheese Slices
shredded cheddar - $2
Frozen Vegetables x 3 - $1 each
hand soap
degree/suave deodorant x 3 - 88 cents each
Lunch Makers x 3 - $3
Apples - $1.59/pound

I definitely think I can keep it under $40 even if I count the mouthwash and hand soap as part of the food budget.

1 comment:

  1. You can definitely keep that under $40, depending how much the mouthwash is. Sometimes the good stuff can run up to $4 per bottle. It kills me a little inside!