December 10, 2013

A Day Home From Work

Little R woke up Sunday night sick to her stomach.  She didn't keep anything down at all yesterday.  So far today she had some yogurt and that seems to have stuck.

Big R had an appointment at the Children's Dentist to look at a cavity.  They did her first set of good xrays now that she's old enough to sit still.  She needs a lot of dental work.  In the past year, both the girls have had cavities and teeth pulled. I've quit buying juice except for juice boxes.  And those are only for if we go away for the day and take drinks with us or Big R. can take one in her lunch if she wants.

So the dentist thinks that her teeth problems are from before and its just now that we are able to get a good look at them.  She had to have 2 teeth removed today and 1 cap.  She'll go back in 2 months to have the other side worked on, but the other side isn't as bad.

I paid $190 today and hopefully the rest is covered by our insurance.  One of her teeth was infected so she is on an antibiotic which only cost $4.

Since I already took the day off to stay home with Little R, I let Big R stay home from school too.  She was pretty traumatized from the dentist this morning and her mouth is going to be numb most of the day.

I plan on taking a nice long nap as I haven't had a good night's sleep the last few nights.  I ran some errands this morning after the dentist and I'm hoping to get some gift wrapping done today.  If I take a day off work, I want to feel like I accomplished something.


  1. Just know you are not alone. Things are chaotic here as well. I hope both your kiddos feel MUCH better soon! Hoping all teeth issues are much much better from here on out too! Good luck on that nap.