November 13, 2013

Baby Bloopers

Someone keeps ordering me Parents Magazine.  Not sure why it shows up in my mail, I've never paid for it.  The first thing I do when one of these comes in the mail is turn to the last page to read the Baby Bloopers.  They are usually good for a few laughs.

So here is one of my Baby Bloopers from when Big Ripples was younger.

I was in the bathroom one day and when I reached for the toilet paper I noticed it wasn't on the dispenser the right way.  It was just perched on top of it and the toilet paper roll was soaking wet.  So I yell, "Hey!  What happened to the toilet paper."  Big Ripples at the time who was only just 3 years old yelled back, "I dropped it in the toilet when I went pee.  But it's ok mom, I put it back!"

My husband thought this was hilarious.  Me, not so much until later, after my husband cleaned up the toilet water that was dripping down the wall.

What about you?  Have any Baby Bloopers to share?

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  1. Not that I can think of but your story is hilarious.