August 5, 2013

Back to School Shopping

My mom spoils my girls.  She wanted to take them back to school shopping yesterday.  She said it was for Big Ripples birthday, but she bought for Baby Ripples also.  I was trying to get Big Ripples to pick out a pair of tennis shoes.  We went to Kohl's and they had some cute ones on sale in the $20 range which of course were the ones I was trying to get her to pick.  My mom, found a bright pick sparkly pair of sketchers that were on sale for $50.  This was after my mom had already picked out a pair of slip on shoes and a pair of boots for Big Ripples.  I told my mom the cheaper shoes were fine, but she wanted Big Ripples to pick and of course she went for the bright pink sparkly ones.

Baby Ripples got a couple pair of shoes too but hers weren't super expensive.  Then my mom headed over to the clothes section to pick out some clothes.  Next she wanted to get them socks and pajamas.  And at the end, she decided they each should pick out a toy.

My mom said she wanted to do it because it reminded her of taking me and my sister back to school shopping and she thought it was fun.  I kept asking, "Are you sure?" every time she added stuff to the cart.  She ended up spending close to $300 on them. 

The thing is I know my mom is trying to pay off all her debt so she can retire soon so I feel bad when she spends money on my family.  My husband and I can buy our kids school clothes and we don't need to use credit to do it.  Although we will be waiting until after the girls' birthday party to see what clothes they get for their birthday.  And then if they still need winter/school clothes, we'll go to the thrift store on half price day and see what we can find before heading out to regular stores.

I found a pair of brand new brand name tennis shoes for Baby Ripples a couple months ago for $8.  They still had the tags on them and she just grew into them, just in time to be new school shoes.

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