July 30, 2013

August Grocery Challenge

I have been going way over on the grocery budget.  I try to go to Aldi once every other week and Acme once a week.  I've been to Acme about 3 times in the last week and we are out of milk and produce again.  I usually try to wait until Friday to go to Aldi,  but I think I'm going to have to do the shopping trip tomorrow.  If I don't Mr. Ripples will go to the store and spend way to much money.  He really does try to buy stuff on sale, he just doesn't do the shopping enough to know what is a good deal and what I can get cheaper at Aldi.

So I'm challenging my self in August to only spend $440 on groceries.  I am going to make a thorough grocery list and stick to it.  That was my problem in July.  I didn't make a list and just through stuff in the cart.  And I'm starting the Challenge tomorrow.


  1. Me too!!! My goal is to eat down our pantry.

  2. I think I may join you in a grocery/shopping in general challenge. August is a busy month for us with the starting of school and me going back to work. I would really like to cut my grocery budget and I think I can if I have a plan.