May 5, 2013

Playing Tourist

My husband had this weekend off and the weather was great.  We decided to take the girls to the bigger zoo that is about an hour drive from our house.  Since we have a zoo membership to a reciprocal zoo, we received a 50% discount on admission.  It cost us $20 for us all to spend the day at the zoo.  I packed lunch, snacks and drinks.  We paid $4 to ride the train and the girls decided to use some of their own money to get their faces painted.  It was so hot out, we ended getting slushies and ice cream and then we hit Burger King on the way home for a quick dinner.

We had such a great time and the weather was great, it felt like we were away on vacation somewhere.  We didn't have anything else planned all day and didn't have to rush anywhere or watch the clock.  It was a really great day.

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