May 8, 2013

Family Fun Party

I've been planning a party for my daughter's school.  Her school is from Kindergarten to Second Grade.  The party was supposed to have been last month but it was postponed when the gym was double booked.  Now the party is this Friday.  I'm experiencing a wide range of feelings from anxiety to excitement to relief that its finally almost done. 

When I volunteered to do this, I didn't think that I would be doing it mostly on my own.  I've decided on a sports themed party and was given a budget of between $350 - $500.  So far I've only spent $280 and all I need to buy is the bottled water, juice boxes and chips.

We are going to have a DJ, tons of sports related toys and games and plenty of snacks.  Each child will get to pick a sports themed toy to take home.  I have bowling pin paddle balls, inflatable sports balls, sports ball missiles and punch balloons. 

Even though it's a bit stressful that I am responsible for this party and I really hope all goes well, it was really fun to get to plan this party on someone else's dime!

Here's a picture of my Dum Dum sucker tree.  The kids will each be able to pick a sucker.  5 of the suckers have red marker on the bottom of the stick.  The kids who get those suckers win a sports gift that includes a baseball and bat, Frisbee and a ball toss game. 

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