April 12, 2013

April Savings Challenge Update #5

My April Savings Challenge Goal: Save an EXTRA $300 this month

Well, we finally got paid today.  Both Mr. Ripples and I get paid on the same day.  This was our first pay check for April and it wasn't very exciting. I'm on salary so I know what my check will be every pay day.  But my husband is hourly and usually picks up some overtime.  Apparently he didn't get much over time over the last pay period.  But that's ok, he picked up an 8 hour shift of overtime this weekend.  I was able to add $20 to our extra savings goal.  Right now we've saved $71 out of the $300 or 23%.  I do know that I will have an extra $125 next pay since the daycare bill is under budget but I don't want to count that money til its in the bank.

I normally reserve $250 out of each paycheck for food.  I took the extra $20 for the savings challenge out of that budget so I'm only giving myself $230 for grocery shopping.  I did my big Aldi shopping trip today and spent $146.  I just have to go to Acme this weekend and then again next weekend to pick up fresh produce and anything else we end up needed.

Acme has some great sales this week on some things that we use regularly so I'm going to try to fight the urge to stock up too much.

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