March 20, 2013

Saving Money on the Boring Stuff

I started by looking at all of our bills and seeing how we could reduce them.  I've read some great experiences others have had by calling the cable company, phone company or whatever company that they pay every month and asking if there is anything that can be done to lower the bill. 

So I gathered up everything I would need:

Bills in front of me - check
Cell phone - check
Nice positive attitude - Check

Call #1- Electric Company - Offers a free energy audit... but not for where I live because there are more than four units in our building.

Call #2 - Cell Phone Comapny - Turns out we already had the cheapest plan for our needs.

Call #3 - Cable Company - Finally, some savings.  We were able to lower and internet speed without even noticing a difference and save $10 a month for a total of $120 a year.

This was definitely a let down.  I wanted to save hundreds, but I guess every little bit helps.

Next on the list... reducing the grocery budget.

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