March 28, 2013

How I Meal Plan and stick to a grocery budget Part 2

Sunday - March 31st: Lasagna and garlic bread: Lasagna, 2 loaves garlic bread
Monday - April 1st: Crockpot Hamburger Casserole: carrots, onion, celery
Tuesday - April 2nd: Dinner at Mom's
Wednesday - April 3rd: Sweet & Sour Meatballs with Rice: Meatballs, brown rice, canned pineapple chunks, carrots
Thursday - April 4th: Crockpot Breakfast Casserole: eggs, cheddar, onion
Friday - April 5th: Baked Chicken: Frozen Chicken
Saturday - April 6th: Cheeseburger Muffins
Sunday April 7th: Coconut Shrimp
Monday - April 8th: Ham
Tuesday - April 9th: Ham and Broccoli Alfredo
Wednesday - April 10th: Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Soup
Thursday - April 11th: Frozen Dinner
Friday - April 12th: Pasta with leftover sauce from Lasagna Cups

So I've already had a change in plans since I started my grocery list.  On Sunday, we are going to be having people over for a birthday.  I think I'm going to just buy one of those large Party size Lasagna's and a couple of loaves of garlic bread.  I asked that someone else brings the cake because they want a particular kind.  So, I'm still going to buy a ham and probably just put in the crockpot one weeknight.

I always keep plenty of vegetables on hand: canned, frozen and fresh to round out the meals.

I organize my grocery list by sections.  Every other Friday ( payday) I go to Aldi and get everything I can off my list from there.  Then once a week I shop at another local grocery store for loss leaders, produce and everything else that I may need.

This is what my grocery list looks like with all the ingredients that I need for dinners for the next 2 weeks:
Meat: Spiral Ham
Frozen: Chicken, Meatballs
Produce: carrots, onions, celery
Canned: pineapple chunks
Misc. Grocery: 2 loaves garlic bread, brown rice
Dairy: eggs, shredded cheddar

Next I fill in the groceries that I usually buy to have on hand for breakfasts and lunches.  Breakfasts consist of egg and cheese sandwiches on english muffins, breakfast burritos, blueberry muffins, cereal, oatmeal or fruit
Lunches for work or school are leftovers from dinner, sandwiches, or boiled eggs along with fruit and chips or crackers.  For the weekends, I like to have chicken nuggets or pizza bagels on hand, mac and cheese, or grilled cheese and tomato soup for the kids.

These are the items that I buy pretty much everytime I go grocery shopping and that we usually use up within the two weeks.  Also, I usually like to bake some homemade cookies or some type of muffins or pancakes, so I always check to see if I need any baking supplies before I go shopping.

Part 3 will be my final grocery list and then I'll do a follow up at the end of the two weeks to post how much I spent on groceries over the two week period.

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