March 22, 2013

Experiences are worth the money... a purse isn't

My husband works with mostly women and he is always telling me about one or the other coming in and showing off a new coach purse that their spouse or boyfriend bought them as a gift.  I told my husband that if he was thinking about dropping a couple hundred on me, I'd take a weekend a way anytime over a purse.  In fact, I'd probably be pretty PO'd if he spent that kind of money on a purse for me.

My philosphy is to spend as little as possible on the things we have to pay for every month so that we can have the money to enjoy the things that we want to pay for.  And what I want to pay for is experiences!  When I'm old and think back on my life, am I going to remember some stupid purse I had 30 years ago or am I going to remember some of the amazing things that I've been able to do because I don't waste money on "stuff".

This is going to sound completely un-frugal of me, but my Little Ripples had been to Dinsey World twice before she was even 5.  We actually took Baby Ripples with us to a week at Disney World when she was only about 6 months old.

 I've had so many people make comments that my girls won't even remember it so why spend the money.  But it isn't about that.  We had a great time both times.  We have tons of pictures and even though Little Ripples was only 2 the first time, she can look at those pictures and tell me about them.  And I have the greatest memories of how excited she was when she was still young enough to believe that all the characters dressed up were the real deal.  Now when she see's someone dressed up in a costume, she knows there is a person in there.  It was amazing to go with her when the magic was still real to her. 

That is why we will probably be going to Disney again in the not to distant future... so Baby Ripples can go and enjoy the magic.


  1. I also agree that I'd rather have experiences over things! Which is why we live a very frugal lifestyle but tru and travel as much as possible (especially before we have kids!)

  2. My dad lives four miles from Disney World, so we took our kids all the time. My folks worked for Disney properties, so getting in was free. We took the kids from six months old and on up. They marveled at the parades, Chip and Dale etc. It's all about building experiences with kids. I always took them to zoos, museums, plays, symphonies, operas etc. Travel is super enriching and educational. Good for you!