March 18, 2013

A Proud Day for the Ripples

Yesterday, my 5 year old helped me clean the house.  Like really clean... not just play clean.  She picked up the toys, tried to vaccuum and swiffered the floor.  She actually did a really good job of mopping with the swiffer.  I didn't even have to redo it after she was done.  Little does she know that she now inherited this chore.  Ha ha! I'm sad when I think that my girls are getting older, but there are definitely some advantages to it. :)  One less chore for me to do...check.  Wonder what else I can find for her to do.  Hmmmm....

We let our daughter keep the change she found while cleaning and my husband paid her $1 too.  She had to put some of the change in her piggy bank, but I took her to the dollar store to spend some of her money.  She had 2 dollars in her pocket.  She picked out two craft items, a painting set and a puppet making kit.  I let her pay the cashier and accept her change.  When she was done, she had the biggest smile on her face and said "I did it."  She was so proud of herself.  And so was I.

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