March 13, 2015

Friday Financials

  • Received the new coupons for the rental property mortgage payments.  Our mortgage payment has dropped to $356 per month.  I plan to still pay $400 each month.
  • Also paying extra on my new car. Minimum payment is $232, I paid $300.
  • I had about $40 left of my spending money from last pay check so I took Mr. R and the girls out to dinner last night.  It was a really rough day at work dealing with lay offs then I was dealing with insurance issues for the garage.  I was mentally exhausted. The sun was shining bright and I just felt like having someone serve me dinner and getting a drink to unwind.  It worked.
  • Extra Money from Last Pay -
    • $70 gas money will move to EF savings - I was able to put off getting gas until tomorrow.  With our new cars and the lower gas prices, I can probably drop the gas budget to about $75 every 2 weeks.  That should be more than enough.
  • Adding another $36 to EF savings for a total of $106 this week
    • My goal is to add $4,000 to our emergency fund this year.  So far in 2015 we have added $826.
  • Adding $40 to both of the girls savings accounts
  • Finally got the garage repairs figured out.  Our insurance is covering everything except our $500 deductible, which is great as the repair is over $3,000.  We have $630 in our home repair fund so we are covered.

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