March 29, 2015

Church Bullies

Big R has been in the church choir at my mom's church for a couple years now.  Her friend from school was in it too but quit a while back.  The children's choir is getting ready for their big show next month.  Little R tried out for a solo part this year and got a small solo singing part.  Everyone that tried out got at least a small part.

I picked her up from a 3 hour morning practice on Saturday and she cried the whole way in the car. At snack time none of the other kids would sit with her and she had to sit by herself.  I tried to talk to her about making friends and approaching some of the other kids.  She says she has tried.  There was one girl she thought was nice and she tried talking to her but the girl ignored her and went on with her other friends.

I personally think 1 of the 3 adults at the choir practice should notice if a kid is sitting by themselves and try to incorporate them into the group.  But fine, that didn't happen.

Then the choir teacher put the kids in groups and put Big R in a group with 4 boys and no girls. One of the boys told her he didn't want her in their group which hurt her feelings.

I don't know if there have been other issues but Big R said she does not want to be in the choir if she has to go to any more of the long practices.  She doesn't mind the shorter ones since she just shows up and they just work on their songs.  I told my mom that I won't force her to go since I know she hasn't liked it in a while and my mom agreed to tell the choir teacher that Big R will not be participating anymore.  My mom doesn't want to tell the teacher why.

I think she should.  The Church Choir Teacher should know that the kids are being mean.  It's church, the kids should learn that they shouldn't be treating others like that.  I know kids will be kids and all.  But really?!  It's a church choir.

I think the teacher favors some of the kids that she knows personally, giving them better parts and more parts that they don't really deserve.  I watched her totally ignore my daughter and skip over her at try outs anyways.  So I've seen her favor some of the kids.

I'm not a church person.  I have tried so many churches and I am always disappointed with the people that go to them and usually the preachers.  I know I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. But I get so sick of listening to the church people quote the bible and preach... blah, blah, blah. Then turn around and judge others, say hurtful things and just totally be un-christian.


  1. I'm totally with you. Some of the meanest people that I've ever met have been at church. Growing up the church we went to was ran by a few families and they were not so nice. I would say something.

  2. Why don't YOU tell the choir director?