January 11, 2015

I forgot I did some after Christmas Shopping

Got a box in the mail and couldn't remember what it was.  Isn't that horrible?!

After opening it, I remembered.  I love the website Think Geek.  There's lots of fun and interesting stuff on the website.  I had received an email about their clearance sale after Christmas and looked around but decided to not buy anything.

Until  I received an email on New Year's Eve with a coupon code for an extra 25% off Clearance.  I ended up purchasing some gifts to put away for the future.

Valentine's Day Gift for Mr. R: Thor Mug  $4.49 (original price $14.99)

Valentine's Day Gift for Mr. R: Super Hero Selfie Shirt $7.49 (original price $19.99)
What can I say?  My husband's a big kid at heart.

Total Spent on Mr. R for Valentine's Day: $11.98 + $2.32 shipping + $.78 sales tax = $15.08

Some Fun Wrapping Paper: $1.49 each (original price $4.99 each)
Total Cost with shipping and tax = $5.49 
Expensive wrapping paper for me but I really liked them.
For My Sister's Birthday: Unicorn Wallet - $10.49 (original price $19.99)
and Unicorn lollipop molds with sticks - $2.99 (Original Price $9.99)

I plan on making the unicorn lollipops for her birthday.
So excited about these.  My sister loves anything unicorn or My Little Pony.  Last year
for her birthday, I bought her a Pinkie Pie Mug and unicorn headphones she actually
yelled with excitement when she opened them.

Total Spent on My Sister's Birthday $13.48 + $.88 tax + $2.32 shipping = $16.68

* Shipping was $6.95 per order so for simplicity I just averaged the cost per item for the calculations above.
** I paid for all of this out of my own spending money so our budget wasn't affected by these purchases.  Normally birthday presents come out of our "extra spending money" but I haven't really been using much of my personal spending money so I figured I would just cover the cost.

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