January 25, 2015

Food Waste and meal Plan for the Week

We totally didn't follow the meal plan last week.  The Baked Chicken, Chicken and Dumplings and Lasagna that I made last weekend were used for many lunches and dinners and I didn't really cook much else.  Mr. R did the grocery shopping on Friday and bought a take and bake pizza for dinner.

Our food waste for the week:

A whole bag of mandarin oranges the Mr. R bought on Friday.  He opened the bag today and they were mushy and shriveled.  I told him we could take them back to Aldi but he threw them away.  Cost: $2.99
Mr. R uses this rice when he makes burritos with chicken.
I'm going to estimate the cost of this waste as $.10.

Chocolate Cookies that my Dad sent me for Christmas.
We ate all the good ones and these sat for a while. These were a gift
so the cost for us was $0.

Total Food Waste for the Week: $3.09.
Total Food Waste in 2015: $3.48

Mr. R spent $93.  We have $35 left in the food budget until Friday which is good since I need to go back and pick up a few things that he forgot.

Meal Plan for this week:
  • Sunday - We have a 3 lb. chub of ground turkey thawed in the refrigerator.  I'll be making hamburgers for dinner tonight and cooking up the remaining 2 pounds for use later in the week.  Mr. R loves hamburger helper meals and bought a couple boxes at the store.
  • Monday - Hamburger Helper
  • Tuesday - Chicken Parmesan and pasta
  • Wednesday - Baked Chicken
  • Thursday - Hamburger Helper
  • Friday - Leftovers

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  1. It has often surprised me how often candy goes to waste, even for someone like me who's got a wicked sweet tooth. When I first moved out too, I let half a bag of apples go bad too. I didn't know how soon food would spoil. Living with 6 other family members, food waste was non existent!