January 6, 2015

Finally, an eBay Sale

I have a few items left over from the spring/summer when I was going to start eBaying more that never sold. I've tried putting them on eBay on and off over the last 6 - 9 months and haven't sold much.

But today, I finally sold a pair of ecco shoes I bought at the thrift store for only $2.00.  These were listed for $17 at auction or $23 buy it now.  The auction was about to end today anyways but the person used the buy it now button.  I've had that happen before and I don't understand why people do that.  Maybe since other people were watching these shoes they were afraid they would get out bid... Who knows.  These are an expensive brand of shoes and the shoes look like they've never been worn.

Sold For - $23.00
Original Cost - $2
Pay Pal Fee - $.97
eBay Fee - $2.30
Postage - $5.70
Profit = $12.03

This got me motivated.  I have 2 more items ready to be listed that I just need to photograph.  I'm going to get them up tonight.

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