December 16, 2014

Saving $9.83 each month!

Mr. R and I are up to be able to renew our 2 year contract with Verizon.  Both our phones have been giving us problems.  My camera on my phone isn't very good and our regular camera broke so I wanted new phones with nice cameras.  And heck, let's be honest, we just wanted some new phones.

I checked around for other plans with different companies but I am very happy with our coverage so we decided to stay with Verizon.

We each got a new phone for free for renewing our 2 year contract.  And by Free I mean $30 each because of an "upgrade charge".  Funny how they always find something for you to pay.  But the phones are a lot nicer and the reviews are great.

Verizon's website is a lot easier to use to compare plans now.  Two years ago, it was really misleading what my monthly total was going to be.  So hopefully I figured it out right this year.  The plan we were on was for 700 shared minutes which we barely used, 250 text messages per phone which one of us usually went over each month, 2 GB each of data (even though we were only using 1 GB each, and $2 per month for VZ Navigator.  I love VZ Navigator.  I'm horrible with directions so I use this many times a month.

Our new plan has unlimited talk and text plus 2 GB shared data and VZ Navigator is free.  According to the Verizon website, we should be saving $9.83 per month on our bill.  Yay!!!  Now, it will be interesting to see our next bill and find out if this is actually true.

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