July 28, 2014

Rainy Day Activities Using What You Have On-Hand

  1. Homemade Scented Play Dough from Crockin' Moms  - We have tons of drink packets.  Mr. R used to make them a lot but we quit using them because of all the sugar.  This will be a fun thing for the kids to make to use them up.
  2. Mess Free Ziploc Bag Painting from Crockin' Moms - My girls love to paint, but I hate the mess.  This is a great solution. 
  3. Find the Blue's Clues - When our oldest daughter was younger, she loved Blue's clues.  I would make 3 blue paw prints on a piece of paper and cut them out.  Then I would have her leave the room while I taped the paw prints to different items in the room.  When she came back in, she had to find the "clues".  At the time she was too young to actually figure out what the clues were telling her, so I didn't bother with that.  She had a blast just trying to find the paw prints.
  4. Dance Party - Go to Pandora.com and create a free music station with kid friendly music. Then...dance, dance, dance.
  5. Alphabet Hunt - I used to do this with Big R to help teach her the letters of the alphabet.  We used foam building blocks that had letters on them. But you could also use alphabet flash cards or you could make your own by cutting some paper into squares and writing 1 letter on each square.  Then spread the letters around the room.  The older the child, the harder you can make this.  Name a letter and have your child find it.  If you have more than one child, similar in age, you could make this a race to see who can find each letter the fastest.
  6. Indoor Picnic - I don't know why eating on the floor is so fun for kids.  But to make lunch extra special, I will put a blanket on the floor in the play room and serve the girls picnic food for lunch. They love this every time.
  7. Indoor Basketball - Use a laundry basket or box and 1 or more balls
  8. Craft Supplies- Your little artists want to make some master pieces, but art supplies are running low? Here are some great recipes to make art supplies out of common household ingredients:
What are some of your favorite activities to do with the kids on a rainy day?

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