July 30, 2014

Job Search 2014 - Obsessed

I didn't get that job that I had a 3 hour interview for last week.  Oh well.  I really wanted it... or at least I really wanted to be offered it.   Not 100% sure I would have taken it.  It would have been perfect for me except I kind of felt like I didn't click with the person that interviewed me and she would have been my boss. And when they asked what my salary requirement was and I told them.  I was told..."That's a bit high for this position.  This is really just an entry level position... A way to get your foot in the door."

Hmmmm... Note to HR Personnel and Hiring Managers - Don't advertise a position with the requirements of having a Bachelor's Degree and 5 + years experience if you only want to pay for an entry level employee.

I'm still really excited to be on the job hunt.  I had never planned on staying with the company that I work for as long as I have.  After getting my MBA, I had planned on working off the 2 years that I had to stay since I used tuition reimbursement and then getting the heck out of there.

But then we started having kids and my work is extremely convenient, so I've stayed and never really tried to find another job.

I'm kind of at the point where there is no where else for me to go in the company and I haven't had a raise in years.  So I'm  so excited for all the opportunities that are out there and the potential to get into a company that really values its employees. Plus the chance to increase my income will be nice too.

I check the job sites multiple times a day.  Like 10...  I'm totally obsessed.


  1. Change can be a good thing. I remember when I transferred to my new position after 8 years in April. The transition was difficult, but it's getting easier and I'm finding I have a spot where I can blossom. I've taken on two new projects for my clinical ladder and credit towards my annual evaluations. I just had my 2014 evaluation with my previous director two weeks ago, and waiting for my annual 25 cent raise to go into effect. The change has been stressful, but as I' am there a little bit more, I'm finding that the patient population isn't has stressful.

    Like I said, change can be good for the soul.

  2. It is a very bad trend going on of requiring experience and high education for positions that are meant to train the person. Nobody wants to pay for someone's first years getting experience, yet demand experienced people and pay them as inexperienced ones. I'm in HR and I see and read about that all the time... really a bad proposition. Hopefully it switches around soon. That's great that you're excited for being out on the hunt, but do take it slow and steady so you don't burn too soon. Job searches can be very exhausting.