July 13, 2014

Great Garage Sale Finds for Ourselves and to eBay

The girls went swimming at Grandma's yesterday so Mr. R and I took the opportunity to hit some sales without the kids.  We spent $50 but got some great deals:

For Us:

  • A really, really nice computer chair for home, we needed this.  Ours was a piece of junk.  Marked $20, but we offered $15.  I'm saving the old one to sell at a friends garage sale for $3 - $5.
  • A 3 wheeler for Little R - $7.  The tricycle she had was too hard for her to peddle and she has bike day once a week at day care.  I'll try to sell the old one for $5 at a garage sale.
  • 4 shirts for myself for $4
  • A pair of swim shoes for Little R for $1, needed these for day care.  She has swim day twice a week and her current pair are starting to get tight.
  • Really cute Head bands for the girls, only $.25 each
  • A really nice large insulated back pack for $3, will be great for our zoo trips.  
  • 36 Glittery Christmas Cards, $1.50
To Sell on Ebay:
  • 4 pairs of toddler Nike's for only $1 each.  1 pair is Little R's next size up so I'm saving them for the fall.  The other 3 pairs are listed on ebay.  One already has a bid for $16 f/s plus a couple watchers.  If I sell all 3 pairs for my asking prices, after fees, shippings and cost of the shoes (including Little R's pair that I'm keeping), I'll have made over $17 on these shoes.

  •  A mini Coach Purse, $4, Listed for $29.99 with f/s 
  •  Melissa and Doug Shape Sorter Puzzle Box and 2 Stackable Construction Vehicles $7, listed for $17 + shipping (I probably shouldn't have bought these.  The shipping is a bit high and having spent $7 on these toys if I have to lower my price much, I won't really make anything.)
  • Abercrombie fur lined hoodie, $3, listed for $15 plus shipping

  • I also got a really nice Gymboree size 5 brown corduroy jacket with elbow patches for $1, listed it for$12.50 with free shipping.

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  1. Ooh, good luck with the selling! 4 shirts for $4 is pretty awesome.