July 19, 2014

Ebay Sales This Week

Nike Torch 4 Toddler Girl Shoes - Bought at Garage Sale for $1, Sold for $16 f/s.  Total Profit: $6.94

Abercrombie fur lined hoodie - bought at garage sale $3, Sold for $24.92 including the shipping.  Total Profit: $9.54

Gymboree toddler brown corduroy jacket with elbow patches - I'm very bummed about this one.  I purchased it for $1, sold it for $12.50 f/s.  Not much profit but still made a few bucks.  When I packaging it to ship, I realized there is a tear in the lining of one of the pockets.  I offered the buyer a refund which means I'll be out the ebay and pay pal fees or I offered it to her for only $8 which is enough to cover all my costs.  I hope she chooses the second option.

Nike Toddler Shoes - bought for $1, Sold for $13.50 f/s.  Total Profit: $4.76

So I made over $21 this week.  Nothing great but I think it's fun. I have some more items that should get me a higher profit listed.  Hopefully those will sell soon.


  1. Hi
    I am a regular reader but have never commented before. If your buyer on the Gymboree jacket choses the refund you can canel the transaction as long as the buyer agrees to it and eBay will credit you back for the eBay and pay pal fees.
    Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks! That's good to know. Luckily she still wants the jacket and told me not to bother with refunding any money.