May 1, 2014

Planning a Pool Party

I plan a big joint birthday party my daughters each year for all of our friends and family to come to.   We've done lots of different parties.  Last year was pump-it-up.  It was awesome to be able to enjoy myself since pump-it-up handled everything.  But it was expensive. I always waver between trying to save money and doing everything myself and becoming a stressed out crazy person that doesn't get to have any fun or spending a lot and just letting someone else handle it.  This year, I'm going for an in between party.

The girls want a pool party at Grandma's house. Cost of Location: $0

Guest List: I usually plan for about 35 people.  A lot of our friends have kids the same age as ours which is great, but it adds to the guest list when we add all those families.  Now that Big R is in school, I'll let her choose 3 friends from school to invite also.

Menu: I'm planning on easy no fuss foods. Hot dogs in the crock pot, chips and dip, baked beans, fresh fruit tray and dip, and cupcakes.  Maybe ice cream, not sure if I'll mess with that.  Juice boxes for the kids and pop or bottled water for the adults.

Last week Aldi had their easter confetti cake mix and pink icing on clearance.  I picked up two of each.  Then Acme had cake and icing on sale for $.88 each, I got chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a lemon cake mix with lemon icing. I'll let the girls pick which kind they each want and make them myself. Estimated Food Budget: $100

Entertainment, Decorations and Favors: This is easy since the kids will be mostly swimming.  I bought a pack of water balloons ($1.40) that I plan to have filled before the party and 2 pink flaming inflatables ($1.79 each) that will go in the pool.  Someone gave the girls an inflatable alligator each that we never blew up so those will be thrown in the pool too.   I may try to find some beach balls and/or water guns on sale to have on hand.

I purchased 16 jumbo sun erasers on clearance back in December for only $2.98. Balloons filled with helium tied to the erasers as weights will double as decorations and then each child can take a balloon and eraser home.  Total Estimated Cost: $20.00

Misc: Paper plates, plastic ware, knapkins, cups, table cloths, ice, etc. Estimated Cost: $30

Total Cost of Party: $150 


  1. Sounds like a plan!! I hope it works out and enjoy!!

  2. I think you can do the food for a lot less than $100. Sounds fun!

    1. I have a feeling I can too but I'd rather over budget and have money left over. Plus I know my mom will want to help with the food. I've told her before she doesn't have too. But whenever I've had a party at her house before she always goes crazy on food even when I've already purchased everything I had planned on serving.