April 4, 2014

Friday Financials - Bills, Bills, Bills

This is turning out to be an expensive month.

  • Investment Property - This is the first month we are paying the higher mortgage due to not having been paying enough into escrow for the taxes plus the water bill just came in at $54.51.  It's usually $49.  Here's how the rent check will be spent:
    • $400 Mortgage
    • $55 Water
    • $110 Condo Fee
    • $25 Insurance
    • $50 Gymnastics for Little R (Bumper Bowling is over, going to enroll both girls in gymnastics over the summer.  My mom pays for Big R)
    • $100 Home Repair Fund
    • $43 Pay Back Mr. R's Savings
    • $42 Pay Back My Savings
  • Electric Bill is $218!!! It's usually about $179.  I'm looking at the bill and it doesn't seem like we used more electric than normal.  I think since we are on a rolling average we may have used up the excess money in the account so we are paying the full amount this month.  Not too sure though.  Why are these bills so confusing?!
  • Also received a bill for $49 for some blood work Mr. R had done.  Yet again, it says that we don't have insurance.   So I'm going to resubmit the paperwork and hopefully the insurance will pay for some of it.  
One exciting piece of good news.  I received a commission check from work last week and forgot to mention it or take it to the bank to cash.  I got a whole whopping $8!  Oh well, better than nothing I guess.

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  1. I feel for you on the insurance pains. I've had to do that with my employees (welcome to HR!), and it's an uphill battle with a lot of falling rocks your way. Best of luck. If you cant get it fixed, call your HR dept (if your insurance is through an employer). They may have changed something that is affecting how your insurance is classified. Congrats on the $8! That's some lunch!