February 19, 2014

Ebay Seller Etiquette - Don't leave me wondering

Whenever someone purchases from me on ebay, I always send them a comment within a day or so and thanking them and letting them know what day I will have their purchase at the post office.

It's so frustrating when I purchased something days ago that I was really excited about.  I paid right away and haven't heard one word from the seller.  Maybe I'm just impatient but I don't trust people anyways so it would be comforting to at least have a message from them acknowledge my order.

My mother-in-law bought the girls a v.smile and then forgot about it. She just recently found it.  But it only came with one game.

At first I headed over to Amazon to buy some.  A lot are marked down to around $5.99 each.  I don't think they sell this game system any more at most stores.  It's probably the older version.  Fine by me, that means we'll get games cheaper.

I decided to check out eBay and found 6 games for $17.50 including shipping. The games include Barney, Bratz, scooby doo and little mermaid. I just hope the seller ships them today.  It said estimated delivery is Friday Feb. 21st but it doesn't even show that this has shipped yet.


  1. Did the seller state indicate handling time? Mine is usually 1 day, and I make sure I have that puppy packaged, postage purchased, and at the post office within that time period.

    1. I don't remember if it said a handling time. And I really don't mind if it takes a couple days for the seller to get it in the mail. It would just be nice to have some type of acknowledgement. Like "Hey, I got your money, will be in the mail in the next couple days".

      I just checked and it did get mailed today so all is good.

    2. I don't disagree with you on the common courtesy. Some ebay sellers seem like Big Box EBay and do not really bother with anything approaching consideration for their customers. Glad your package is on its way!