January 20, 2014

saving money on vaca

Well its day 3 of our Cali vacation and we are having a great time.  Today was a chill out day. We stayed at the resort and enjoyed some of the activities there.

Here are some things we've done to save money so far:

  • Didn't buy food on the plane and have been eating the snacks I packed instead of buying snacks when we are out.
  • Stopped at grocery store on 1st day to buy breakfast and dinner foods so we can eat at resort as much as possible.
  • the 2 times we've eaten out so far we bought dinner for two deals and split between the four of us instead of buying the girls there own meals. For example, yesterday we had fajitas for 2 for $32.50. It came with pork, chicken, steak and shrimp plus all the toppings for some great fajitas. Mr. R and I split it with the girls and there was plenty left to take back to the resort for dinner.
  • Used coupons to save $8 off the cost of the aquarium we went to yesterday.
  • I wanted a tshirt from the aquarium but they were expensive. I found a small clearance section at the back of the store and bought 2 tshirts for less than the price of 1 regular priced shirt.


  1. Nice. I normally try to pack my own food when I travel, but rarely do so when I fly. I should try to buy food for the hotel for my next vacation. What did you get for breakfast/dinner foods? Did you have a microwave?

    1. We are staying in a timeshare so we have a full kitchen. Cereal for the girls. Eggs, bacon and toast for the adults. Dinners have been burgers, soup, and chicken. Also stuff for sandwiches for lunch and lots of fruit, crackers and chips for nibbling. Today we are packing a picnic lunch to take to the zoo.