December 11, 2013

Santa's Workshop at Big R's School - Learning about money

I took a half day off tomorrow to volunteer at Big R's school.  They are having a Santa's workshop where the kids can bring money and shop for their family.  The parents that volunteer help the children pick out gifts and stay within their budgets.

Big R is really looking forward to it.  Not only to do some shopping, but it makes her really happy when I volunteer at her school

The school sent home an order form for me to fill out who she can buy for and how much she can spend for each person.  Big R and I raided her piggy bank and she will be buying gifts for the family with her own money.  I let her help decide how much to spend on each person and then I helped her count out the money. 

Big R. chose to spend $2 on me, $2 on dad, $1 on her sister, and 50 cents on the cat.  She wanted to be able to buy herself something also, so I asked her how much she wanted to spend on herself.  She said "a hundred." 

A hundred what?  I'm not sure.  But I talked her down to $2.


  1. It's pretty awesome that she has been able to think about everyone. You should be proud. The cat must be very loved.