October 18, 2013

Friday Financials

I'm going to start doing a budget/financial review on Fridays.

This week:
  • I received $100 from an extra project at work that I will be adding to the credit card payment.
  • Spent $88 at Aldi's on groceries, still have $72 in the food budget to last until payday on the 26th.  My goal is to only spend $50 so that I can put the extra $22 towards our California vacation fund.
  • My mom wanted Big Ripples to join the children's choir at her church.  Now she is involved in 4 different activities and its just too much.  So we asked Big Ripples how she felt about quitting guitar lessons.  Really she's a little too young for this and doesn't like practicing so she was fine with it.  We will finish October since we've already paid for it.  This will save us $68 - $85 per month, depending on how many weeks are in the month.
  • My work wasn't taking the right amount out of my pay check for disability insurance.  They were taking $3.84 but should have been taking $4.17. And it looks like the life insurance policy was also adjusted from $5.79 to $3.43.  So after all the adjustments my pay check was $2.12 more than usual.  Not much, but that adds up to $55.12 more per year.  I'll take it.  Anything on the plus side is good for me!
  • It looks like our road runner bill went up again.  It only went up a couple dollars to $51.37 but it's still annoying.  It seems like every few months they increase our bill.
  • Mr. Ripples went over board on texting resulting in our cell phone bill being about $3 more than usual. 

1 comment:

  1. At least your texting fee was only $3 over... when we first got texting, one of my siblings rang the bill to $200+!