October 27, 2013

Cheapish Weekend

I was about to say this was a cheap weekend because I didn't spend any of my personal spending money.  But we still spent money from the joint account.

Mr. Ripples worked this weekend so we didn't really do much.  The girls had bumper bowling league Saturday Morning.  They had a Halloween Costume Contest and Little Ripples won a prize for cutest costume.  She was Minnie Mouse.  She won a free meal.  Bowling Cost $15 when I add in the donuts for breakfast.

Little Ripples and I took a nap while Mr. Ripples took Big Ripples to a birthday party at a pottery painting place.  They spent $10 on a gift. 

The girls and I had a sleep over in the living room last night since it was Mr. Ripples weekend to work. 

Today, Big Ripples sang in the children's choir at my mom's church.  I went grocery shopping and spent $115 at Aldi.  Then we went trick or treating. 

I'm planning on relaxing with a book tonight and going to bed early.

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