September 11, 2013

94 degrees and no air conditioning

I'm spoiled.  I can't stand not having air conditioning.  For some reason, every summer our air conditioner decides to quit working on some of the hottest days.  This is the third time in the last 3 years.  It usually happens towards the end of summer.  Last year, I called a repairman and it turned out the air filter hadn't been changed in a really long time (ahem...hubbies job).  It caused the a/c to freeze and we had to wait 3 days for it to thaw out so we could use it again.

On Monday when I came home from work, Mr. Ripples told me it wasn't working again.  He wanted to call someone right away but I reminded him about the $100 we spent last year for no reason when we called the repairman.  Ever since last year he is diligent about changing the air filter on time so he didn't think it could be that. 

Yesterday was awful.  It was so hot, the girls slept in the basement and I sat in front of the fan reading all evening.  I literally didn't do anything.  My mom took the girls out for ice cream which was super nice of her.  By 11pm, when Mr. Ripples got home from work it was still so hot in our house.  I was going to call the repairman first thing in the morning.  He tried turning on the a/c one more time (this was the third time over 2 days) and Finally it works.  Yeah!  We don't have to call a repairman and since it should be cooling down around here we'll hopefully make it through the rest of the hot weather.

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