July 23, 2013

Sickness and Dental Visits

Baby Ripples is sick today.  She's been having bad stomach cramps and diarrhoea. 

Little Ripples had a large lump on her gums.  I took her to the dentist yesterday who thought it was much worse than it thankfully turned out to be.  The dentist thought her permanent tooth in her gum was infected, even though she hasn't even lost the baby tooth yet and that she would have to have surgery to remove the permanent tooth.

Luckily, I took her to a paediatric dentist this morning and they had to remove the baby tooth but the permanent tooth was fine.

Our insurance covered the visit to the regular dentist and our estimated amount due for the paediatric dentist was about $80.  Not bad considering the original charge was close to $500.  They only had me pay $39 and then will bill the rest once the insurance goes through.

So I'm home from work today, with both my girls.  At the moment they both seem fine watching a movie and playing.  Little Ripples' mouth is still numb and she'll probably start feeling some pain soon.  She can't eat any hard foods.

Baby Ripples has had some pepto for her tummy and Tylenol for a slight fever.  Pretty soon it will be nap time and I can't wait.  I only got a few hours of sleep last night because of Baby Ripples.

Whenever I get fed up with the company I work for and sick of some of the crap that goes on at work, a day like today reminds me how lucky I am to have a good job, good insurance,  plenty of vacation and personal time and an understanding boss so that I know I can call of work without having to worry.

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  1. Poor kids, hope they both feel well really soon. Glad that the dentist crisis could be averted too. Maintaining and working for insurance can be a pain, but it makes a difference once you do need it.