June 6, 2013


We just heard back that the seller is going to do the repairs that we asked for on our new condo.  I'm super excited.  It wasn't anything drastic, just fixing a double tap on the electric box and having the furnace and A/C cleaned and serviced.  But I kind of expected them to say no and then have to go back and forth negotiating to at least get one of them done.  I'm surprised they said yes to both right away.

Now we're one step closer to getting our condo.  I've submitted almost everything the bank has asked for.  The last paper is a form that I have to have my husband sign and get notarized so he has to come into my work tomorrow to get that done.

Then hopefully that's it.  I'm tired of gathering information.  It hasn't been too hard or a drastic amount, I'm just ready to be done.

I've noticed I'm a lot more calm this time around.  When we purchased our first condo 8 years ago, I was an emotional mess.  It was a scary step.  Financially, we weren't really secure.  We both had good jobs but we didn't have a down payment or much of a savings.  I was worried about how much extra the repairs on a house could add up to be and the seller was kind of a jerk and refused to repair anything to the point where we were ready to back out.  I was only 21 at the time and really didn't know what I was doing and we didn't have a realtor.

This time, I'm much more patient and just going with the flow.

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